Pick of the Day: Digital, Cable and Satellite

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IT MAY have been cheapened by a recent ad campaign, but Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider (10pm FilmFour) remains one of the seminal 1960s counter-culture pictures. In this often stunning-looking film, with a wonderful soundtrack, Hopper and Peter Fonda (right) play a pair of drug-fuelled bikers riding out in search of America. Jack Nicholson plays a boozy lawyer who hitches a lift. Never mind the plot; feel the mindset.

Jean-Claude Van Damme has never been in anything quite so arty. A double-bill of his movies kicks off with the slick and well- mounted Legionnaire (8pm Sky Moviemax), in which "the Muscles from Brussels" returns to Paris from the Foreign Legion to rescue his imperilled love. This is followed by Double Team (10pm Sky Moviemax), an explosive actioner about an anti-terrorist agent (guess who).