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RHYS IFANS made such an impact as Spike, the slobby flatmate in Notting Hill, that his picture started to be included alongside Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts on the film's posters. He displays the same charisma in Twin Town (10pm FilmFour), a black comedy directed by Kevin Allen. Ifans and Llyr Evans play a pair of drop-out brothers whose existence does not extend much beyond joy-riding and vandalism. They are galvanised into action, however, when they seek revenge on a dodgy builder who refuses to give their father compensation after he has an accident.

Minnie Driver stars in Grosse Pointe Blank (12mdn't Sky Premier) as a woman who meets an old boyfriend (John Cusack, right), at a high-school reunion in George Armitage's black comedy. Matters are complicated by the fact that Cusack is an assassin and her father is his target.