Pick of the Day: Digital, Cable and Satellite Television

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AS VENUS HUNTERS, the recent ITV drama, reminded us, the 1980s are now back in fashion. And what could be more 1980s than Duran Duran? VH1 devotes its evening schedules to those purveyors of flash clothes and even flasher videos. Their look and deathless songs such as "Girls on Film", "Hungry Like the Wolf" and "Rio" seemed to shout glorious decadence. Watch The Greatest Hits of... Duran Duran (8pm VH1) - if only to remind yourself why you no longer wear tukka boots or a bandana.

Jeremy Irons won a Best Actor Oscar for Reversal of Fortune, but the suspicion was that it was given in recognition of his outstanding (yet unrewarded) performance in the previous year's Dead Ringers (10.05pm Sky Cinema). In David Cronenberg's chilling thriller, he plays a pair of twin gynaecologists whose sanity gradually unravels.