Pick of the Day: Digital, Cable and Satellite Television

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MANY PEOPLE have pigeonholed Peter Falk (right) as the TV detective Colombo who is always snaring criminals by asking them "just one more thing". But before that he had a long career as one of John Cassavetes' regular players. In Husbands (11.40pm FilmFour), Falk, Cassavetes and Ben Gazzara play three middle-aged Americans who embark on a binge following the death of a friend. The semi-improvised film is a gritty black comedy about the numbing vacuity of life in the suburbs.

This is followed by the same director's Gloria (1.50am FilmFour). In this striking thriller - which has recently been remade with Sharon Stone in the lead - Cassavetes' wife, Gena Rowlands dazzles as a tough ex-chorus girl who takes in a neighbour's son when the parent is bumped off by the Mafia. This double bill is a rare treat for Cassavetes fans.