Pick of the Day: Digital, Cable and Satellite Television

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FRITZ LANG'S powerful first spoken-word feature, M (12mdn't FilmFour) made in 1931, is based on an actual newspaper report written about the search for a child murderer. Peter Lorre plays the fugitive in this subversive piece of cinema. The striking immediacy of the script springs from the fact that it was written before the murderer was caught.

The most accessible of the Coen brothers films is Raising Arizona (8pm FilmFour). It contains some free-form flights of imagination and is cleverly plotted, while managing to retain an unthreatening, comic-book sensibility. Nicolas Cage (right) plays a genial armed robber who falls in love with prison warder Holly Hunter on one of his many visits to prison. When the couple discover that they can't have children of their own, they decide to steal one.