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OBSESSIVE MUSICIANS have long been a subject attractive to film-makers - think of Amadeus or Hilary and Jackie. Rarely, however, has it been better portrayed than in Scott Hicks' memorable biopic of David Helfgott, Shine (8pm FilmFour, right). The gifted Australian pianist was driven to a nervous breakdown by his quest to play Rachmaninov's gruelling 3rd Piano Concerto perfectly. Noah Taylor makes a good fist of the young Helfgott, but it is Geoffrey Rush, reduced to a wreck as the adult pianist, who deservedly scooped the Best Actor Oscar for his haunting performance.

Dave Stewart has recently reunited with Annie Lennox for some performances as The Eurythmics. His career - which also includes currently directing a feature film starring All Saints - is charted in Arena People (6.05pm UK Arena).