Pick of the Day: Digital, Cable and Satellite Television

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FOR A while, it seemed as if George Clooney would not be able to make the step up from small-to big-screen star, but he finally confirmed that he could opposite Jennifer Lopez in Out of Sight. In The Peacemaker (9pm Sky Premier, right), an earlier offering from 1997, he was still finding his cinematic feet. In this busy, special-effects-heavy espionage thriller from the Dreamworks studio, he and Nicole Kidman play bickering government agents pursuing terrorists who have acquired nuclear warheads.

Director Lindsay Anderson specialised in polemical state- of-the nation films such as This Sporting Life, If... and Britannia Hospital. In O Lucky Man! (10pm Sky Cinema), a loose contemporary reworking of The Pilgrim's Progress, Malcolm McDowell plays a salesman on an epic personal journey.