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STEVE MCQUEEN was often disparaging about what he did. He once said that "In my own mind, I'm not sure that acting is something for a grown man to be doing." He did himself a disservice. This double bill reminds us that he had a moody, powerful screen presence. In Tom Horn (8pm Sky Cinema), an elegiac western which was his penultimate film, he plays a former cavalry man who lands up in trouble with the law. Director William Wiard invests proceedings with an impressive visual lustre.

This is followed by The Towering Inferno (10pm, right), a superior 1970's disaster movie from Irwin Allen about a blaze in a plush new skyscraper, in which McQueen plays a daring fire chief. Paul Newman, Faye Dunaway and Fred Astaire provide the starry support which is de rigueur in such films.