Pick of the Day: Digital, Cable and Satellite Television

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KEVIN SPACEY, who recently attended the London Film Festival for a screening of his latest acclaimed offering, American Beauty, has graced such memorable films as The Usual Suspects, Seven and LA Confidential. However, he did not quite hit the mark to the same extent in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (10pm Sky Premier, right). In Clint Eastwood's moody film, showing for the first time on satellite tonight, he plays a gay antiques magnate who shoots his lover Jude Law. Reporter John Cusack starts investigating the case for a book.

Anthony Hopkins plays the father of three sons (Brad Pitt, Aidan Quinn, Henry Thomas) who all fall for the same woman (Julia Ormond) in Edward Zwick's good-looking period drama, Legends of the Fall (8pm FilmFour).

James Rampton