Pick of the Day: Digital, Cable and Satellite Television

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THE APOSTLE (8pm Sky Premier) is something of a one-man band - Robert Duvall (right) writes, directs and stars in this portrait of a preacher. But the burden of work does not affect his performance in this Oscar-nominated picture. He turns in a stunning display as a charismatic Pentecostal minister who goes on the run to Louisiana after beating his wife's lover to death with a baseball bat. While waiting to be collared in the Deep South state, he sets up an evangelical church, and lures people to it with his magnetic sermons. Farrah Fawcett (as his wife) and Miranda Richardson (as his love interest) provide solid support.

Tuscany has never looked as good as it does in Kenneth Branagh's sunny and visually ravishing version of Much Ado About Nothing (8pm FilmFour). The director and his then wife, Emma Thompson, play the leads.