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BOOKCASES (11.30am R4) is an odd comedy series set in the mid- Victorian publishing world: the firm of Spavin and Spavin, publishers of religious works, is turned on end by a new arrival. Martyn Wade's script combines cracks about 19th-century literature (this week: the Brontes) with some clever satire on contemporary commercial values. The final Document (8pm R4) (right) of this run, tries to give a more balanced view of the battle of Rorke's Drift than the film Zulu managed. The movie Zulu Dawn attempted the same thing, depicting the British defeat at Isandhlwana the same day; but nobody ever went to see that. The Vienna String Sextet continues its series of Mozart string quintets, in a live concert from the stirring Edinburgh Festival (11am R3).

Robert Hanks