Pick of the Day: Satellite and Cable

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WHILE NOT to all tastes, there is no denying the popularity of the long-running sitcom Red Dwarf (from 9pm UK Gold). Soon to return for another series on BBC2, it is responsible for giving us such words as "smeg". Fans of the sci-fi comedy created by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor have been known to attend conventions wearing an H on their foreheads in homage to the hologram character, Rimmer (played by Chris Barrie, right). Those aficionados are in for a treat tonight with a screening of six episodes back to back.

After the success of The Full Monty, Robert Carlyle became a mega-star, able to snap up such prime roles as the baddie in the new Bond movie. However, he started out in relatively low- budget projects such as Riff Raff (10pm FilmFour), Ken Loach's affecting picture about an ex-con builder.

James Rampton