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THE VIETNAM WAR has inspired many fine films (Born on the Fourth of July, Apocalypse Now, Platoon), but perhaps the most haunting of all is The Deer Hunter (10.10pm FilmFour). Michael Cimino captures the sense of friendship destroyed by the horrors of war. The chilling Russian roulette scenes, which linger long in the mind, have rightly become iconic in cinema history. Robert De Niro as a damaged survivor and Christopher Walken (right) as his childhood friend crushed by his wartime experiences, stand out in a strong cast which also features Meryl Streep.

Sebastian Coe may now be most often seen as Conservative leader William Hague's minder, but once he was a gloriously graceful Olympic 1,500-metre champion. He is profiled today in Dickie Davies's Sporting Heroes (2pm Sky Sports 3).

James Rampton