Pick of the Day: Satellite and Cable

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JODIE FOSTER IS such a consummate actress that her two Oscars have been won for completely different roles. In The Silence of the Lambs, she plays a fiercely ambitious and intelligent FBI agent, while in The Accused (10.40pm Sky Premier), by Jonathan Kaplan, she plays the polar opposite, a trailer-park girl who brings an action against a gang of men who raped her in a bar. In this contribution to the "Oscar Winners" season, she works well opposite Kelly McGillis (right) who plays the lawyer she initially mistrusts and then increasingly comes to rely on. It is tough watching, but undeniably powerful stuff.

Susan Sarandon finally got the recognition she deserved with her Best Actress Oscar for Dead Man Walking, but she had been turning in good work for years. She is profiled in today's Femmes Fatales (1pm Sky Premier).