Pick of the Day: Satellite and Cable

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AFTER A COUPLE of years in the doldrums, Julia Roberts (right) stormed back with My Best Friend's Wedding. This just reminded us of her star quality, which is also evident in Sleeping with the Enemy (11.50pm Sky Premier), a tense thriller from Joseph Ruben. She plays the battered wife of Patrick Bergin. To escape him, she fakes her own death and relocates to a small town, but he discovers she is alive and tracks hers down.

James Cameron did not endear himself to many people at last year's Oscars, yet for all that, there is no denying he is a formidable director. What he does best is marshal seemingly unwieldy, big-budget, special effects-laden projects into coherent films. That has been apparent in all his best work from The Terminator to Titanic. He is profiled in The Directors (1.50am Sky Cinema).