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Leaving Las Vegas

Mike Figgis is passionate and insane. No surprise then that his masterpiece should be brimming with passion and insanity. (And Scotch.) Nicolas Cage is the down-at-heel alcoholic who resolves to drink himself to death but finds temporary solace in the arms of hooker Elisabeth Shue. The pre-credit sequence alone would make Godard go "wow!"

On release


James Fox is the cocky hood hiding out with fey rock star Mick Jagger and swapping identities - Freaky Friday on hallucinogenics, basically. One director (Nicolas Roeg) later made some of the Seventies' most visionary films; the other (Donald Cammell) has only made two other movies since. And James Fox went right off his trolley. Says it all.

Mon/Tues, Manchester Cornerhouse (0161-228 2463)

Spanking the Monkey

Some people think David O Russell's perfectly judged black comedy was the best American film of last year. Don't laugh: it was. Jeremy Davies is splendidly brittle as the student stuck at home for the holidays with his mum (Alberta Watson), a woman who wants a bit more from her little boy than just a goodnight kiss.

Tomorrow 11.15pm, Cambridge Arts Cinema (01223 504444)