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British Short Film Festival

Opening with early shorts by Australian directors such as George Miller, Jocelyn Moorhouse and Peter Weir, and continuing with seven days of the Best of British.

To 26 Sept. Plaza, London W1 (0171-930 0144)

Les Apprentis

Pierre Salvadori's breadline comedy about two down-at-heelers trying to improve their lot. Guillaume Depardieu - Gerard's young 'un - demonstrates the comic flair witnessed in Salvadori's earlier Wild Target.

On release

It Happened Here

Kevin Brownlow's meticulously detailed wartime "what if?" takes a frightening look at the Nazi-occupied Britain that might have been. Upon its release in 1966 the film was censored but, 30 years on, the Jersey International Festival is presenting the British premiere of the uncut version. Brownlow will discuss the film after its screening.

1 Oct. 1996 Jersey International Festival (Booking: 01534 873767)