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National Cinema Day

On Sunday, to mark , you can gain admission to any cinema for just pounds 1. And if you're lucky, a screen near you will even be laying on special programmes for the day. Take the lucky people of Cambridge for instance: you get a quick skip through the decades with corresponding prices, so opting for Murnau's Sunrise will cost you 20p (it was made in the 1920s, you see) while Scorsese's Mean Streets is showing for 70p (get the picture?). Pig out.

Sun only, Cambridge Arts Cinema (01223 504444)

Secrets and Lies

Crowned with two awards from Cannes (including the Palme d'Or), Mike Leigh's most honest and compassionate film, with startling performances from Timothy Spall, Brenda Blethyn and Phyllis Logan, simply charms the socks off you.

On general release

Muppet Treasure Island

Do the kids a favour and while away a half-term afternoon with this jolly, ticklish little romp.

On general release