Pick up the Habit

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Will La Butch Nikita, aka lesbian FBI agent Clarice Sparrow, rescue Tommy Alan Poe, musical theatre fanatic in thrall to the sinister Mr Big? Will wicked Vonda von Vickers manage to drive her suicidal daughter Vicki totally insane? Will Vicki escape her impending lobotomy with her deaf hunchback lover Igor, who is destined for the electric chair? Surprisingly, these are not the plotlines for forthcoming episodes of Brookside, but just some of the scorching stories in the cult New York sensation, Burning Habits, a live mini-series. Over the next four weeks The Drill Hall is staging all eight flagrantly implausible episodes of Mary Whitehouse's worst nightmare. In true soap style there's an omnibus edition every Sunday for anyone foolish enough to have missed anything. Blair Fell's scriptwriting credits also include The Horrible and Tragic Life of the Singing Nun so don't say you weren't warned. This makes Absolutely Fabulous look restrained.

Drill Hall Arts Centre, Chenies Street, WC1, from Tuesday (0171-637 8270)