Pokemon Sun and Moon demo accidently reveals majoirty of Pokédex, including starter evolutions

More Aloha forms also revealed

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With Pokémon Go having shown Nintendo everyone still loves catching virtual creatures, the company have slowly released information about their new games, Pokémon Sun and Moon, building up a steady amount of excitement. 

However, thanks to the game’s demo being released on Nintendo 3DS, almost the entire Pokédex has been released online. 

Thanks to Youtube uploader Kaphotics - along with numerous other gamers - the majority of new Pokémon, including ‘Hyper Beasts’, have been revealed over three videos.

For those wanting to keep their Pokémon Sun and Moon adventures spoiler-free, click away now, because everything has been revealed.

** Warning: Spoilers for Pokémon Sun and Moon ahead **

Notably, the final evolutions of the starting trio have been revealed, proving a previous leak to be true. Despite many fans of the series hoping the fire-type, Litten, would remain on all-fours during the final evolutions, the cat does indeed stand up. Meanwhile, Rolett becomes a pretty cool Owl and Popplio just gets bigger. (They can be seen in the second video, around the 0.47 mark.)

The video all includes a first look at the Aloha versions of Diglett, Meowth, Geodude, and Pikachu, plus a first look at dozens of new, unnamed Pokémon and the eight ‘Hyper Beasts’ (it is unclear whether these are actual Pokémon or not). 

Pokémon Sun and Moon hit UK stores 23 November.