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Last year's incredibly personal set of songs on Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie seems to have set the career of the Canadian singer- songwriter (right) back a stage or two. Many found it hard to take a multi- millionairess still in her mid-twenties rambling on and on (and on) about her deficiencies and bad times. What's more, the music didn't seem to be there either, with "Thank U" hardly being a brilliant single. But we shouldn't forget that she has written some stirring AOR anthems, especially "You Oughta Know" from her first "proper" album, Jagged Little Pill, which sold 30 million copies worldwide and established a huge fanbase. What's more, she's developed a polished stage act with a band that can fill huge halls with a raucous, grungey sound. In other words, don't write her off just yet.

NEC, Birmingham (0121-780 4133) Fri

Tim Perry