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Armand Van Helden "2Future4U" (FFrr)

The New York DJ and producer with a sterling hip-hop CV, follows the disco-ish heavy house of his number one single "You Don't Know Me" and the forthcoming smash single "Flowerz" with an album that's full of energy and raw power. A massive album. HHHH

Cornelius "fm/cm" (Matador) A double CD remix of his wonderful Fantasma album from last year. On "fm" the Fantasma tracks get reworked by the likes of Money Mark, the Pastels and UNKLE and on "cm" Cornelius gets to remix their work and the end results sound as if they all had a lot of fun along the way. HHHH

Mogwai "Come On Die Young (Chemikal Underground)

The second, largely instrumental album from these young Scots shows the post-rock heavyweights such as Tortoise a thing or two about movement. The level of ideas at times still exceeds execution but it's a mature, less predictable effort than their debut. HHHH

Kele Le Roc "Everybody's Somebody" (1st Avenue/Wild Card) The first album from sassy Eastender Kele Le Roc shows that her debut single "Little Bit of Lovin" going to number eight in the charts wasn't a one off. Compared to the slushy American brand of R'n'B she shows how it can be done. A promising career awaits. HHH

Motorhead "Everything Louder Than Everything Else - Live" (SPV) Live albums can be a bore but Lemmy and co have the answer - keep the foot down at all times. A relentless barrage of noise and atmosphere from the metal band of all time captured on this double live CD and LP. HHH