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Death in Vegas `The Contino Sessions' (Concrete)

Oscillating between psychedelic and laudanum beats, Richard Fearless's outfit explore more of the dark side of clubland with this superbly executed album. The vocalists are well-chosen and employed to dramatic effect. HHHH

Supergrass `Supergrass' (Parlophone)

Although "Pumping On Your Stereo" reflects their spiky pop origins, the rest of their third album sees a shift towards a more mature sound, drawing heavily on The Beatles and Beach Boys. It's also crammed with enough ideas and quirks to make repeated playing a joy. HHH

Leftfield `Rhythm & Stealth'

(Hard Hands)

Three years in the making, the follow-up to Leftism includes such ingeniously dark sonic crafting as "Phat Planet" (from the Guinness advert) and "Afrika Shox" but also a lot of retreads which sound over-familiar, resulting in an album that veers between excellent and average. HHH

The All Seeing I `Pickled Eggs & Sherbet' (London)

At their best, this Sheffield trio have the ability to fix a big idiotic grin on the face of any listener. However, these dance-lounge crossover merchants, who enlist the help of Phil Oakey, Jarvis Cocker and Tony Christie, often over-stylise themselves. HHH