Pop Albums: Lyric sheets: Smurf Interview

The Smurfs are back in the charts, with an album of covers, including the works of Supergrass, Technohead and Shaggy...
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Where are you all coming from? All formats and CD-Rom

Is this like the Pistols bash? Yes, but Smurfs make much more cash

Where is Father Abraham? Coming down off bad Edam

What do Smurf songs signify? Lack of taste at EMI

What else do the Belgians sell? Plastique Bertrand and Jacques Brel

Are Smurf listeners mainly mugs? Yes, and ravers high on drugs

Who else thinks your songs are good? David Icke and John Redwood

When did you make this record? Drying out in Betty Ford

Who have you all worked with since? Courtney Love and Blur and Prince

And a Smurf/Oasis hit? Not since Noel sent us a writ

We thought Smurfs were dead and done When did that stop anyone?

La La Lalalala lalalala etc etc...