Pop Albums: Texas - White on Blonde

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I've never been able to get much of a handle on Texas, whose style seems to change with each successive album. This time round, singer Sharleen Spiteri has described White on Blonde as a "modern soul record", which isn't too far from the mark, though sometimes the soul equation is a little formulaic - the opening track "Say What You Want" crosses a lyric line from "Sexual Healing" with a guitar line from "Tired of Being Alone" without quite emulating either. Later on, the band's Supremes impression on "Black Eyed Boy" is correct in every detail, right down to the tambourine accenting the Motown beat.

The more chances Texas take, the more effective they are. On the dark, moody "Insane" and "Put Your Arms Around Me", looming strings are carried on a slowed-down breakbeat, and on "Good Advice", production duo Rae & Christian put the classic Barry White style to new use.