Pop: American pioneers

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The Barbican's "American Pioneers" season features two avant-garde treats this week which break down the divide between classical music and rock'n'roll. Today's tribute to John Cage sees various free workshops and musical performances in the afternoon, with an evening concert of some of Cage's best-known works played by an ensemble featuring John Tilbury, Gavin Bryars, Bruce Gilbert of Wire and Budgie of the Creatures.

Tuesday sees a very rare UK appearance by saxophonist John Zorn (right). Billed as "Modern Chamber Music", it promises to be a breathtaking musical trip

encompassing freeform jazz, bebop, thrash and surf rock and klezmer.

Barbican, Silk Street, London EC2 (0171-638 8891). Cage: today from 3pm; concert at 8pm. John Zorn: 27 Oct 7.30pm

Tim Perry