Pop & Jazz: LAST 5 RECORDS I BOUGHT; Russell Grant

Russell Grant, the astrologer, releases his new book The Real Counties of Britain on 24 October (Virgin Publishing pounds 16.99)
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I love operetta and my favourite which I have just bought is Offenbach's

Orpheus and the Underworld. I love his parodies and the way he ridicules the government in France. The script is witty and funny and knocks Have I Got News For You into a tricolour hat. The music is fantastic and the D'Oyly Carte company perform it best. I bought Die Fledermaus, also by D'Oyly Carte, because it was next to Orpheus in the shop Burt Bacharach wrote some of the smoothest, smoochiest songs ever and no one sings them better than Dionne Warwick so naturally I bought Dionne Warwick sings Bacharach and David.

I chose The Best of Matt Bianco because I enjoy all that latino beat. Sergio Mendez provides the rythmn opening to my travel series Getaway.

Grant's favourites

Offenbach, Orpheus in the Underworld, D'Oyly Carte Opera Company pounds 29.49 (double CD)

Johann Strauss, Die Fledermaus D'Oyly Carte Opera Company pounds 29.49

Music of the Crusades, Early Music Consort of London, conducted by David Munrow pounds 9.99

Best of Matt Bianco pounds 15.49

Dionne Warwick sings Bacharach and David pounds 6.99

(Available from HMV stores)