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Big Ben: You ask the questions
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London Records has released the chimes of Big Ben as a single. The famous clock's "Millennium Chimes" disc is already Single of the Week in one rock weekly.

Was it a low point in your career

when "News at 10" was cancelled?

It was a tremendous setback.

What kept you going during that time?

Nightly air play on Radio 4.

You don't move about much on stage?

After 12 bongs, neither would you.

That extended rest, after the verse,

before you go for the chorus: Why?

It's not the notes you play.

It's the notes that you leave out.

What would you say to

your critics?

Get off my case and out of my face.

Covers of your stuff by other artists, what are your personal favourites?

"Four In The Morning" by Faron Young,

"Eleven O'clock Tick Tock" by U2

"After Midnight" by JJ Cale

How many do you want?

What about Second Hand Rose?

Are you trying to wind me up?

Are you nervous about the Millennium?

I'll put my hands up to that, yes.

Any plans for a follow up?

I'm working on a couple of numbers.

Is your new stuff influenced by House?

No, but I'm very big on Parliament

You've had a number of breakdowns. What do you attribute them to?

I used to have a speed problem.

What was it got you out of that?

The 12-step plan turned me round.

So are you ready for the big night?

All set.