Pop: Lyric Sheets

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The search is on for a lookalike to star in `My Memories of Elvis', a film co-written by Elvis's half-brother

The Would-Be Kings

The cats who would be Elvis

Lined up to take the stand

Inviting tart remarks from

A smirking pick-up band

A Chesterfield grocer

In outsize rhinestone jacket

Was half-way into "Hound Dog"

But found he couldn't hack it

The strain upon the pelvis

From wiggling his hip

Neuralgia in the mornings

From practising The Lip

Had all come down to nothing

The work of all those


The theatre was


As Elvis left in tears

A "GI Blues" from


A "Jailhouse Rock"

from Rhyll

A "Teddy Bear" from


Who didn't fit the bill

And as a traffic warden

Was incorrectly dressed

With strong north-eastern


Which nixed the spoken


The month's auditions over

They hadn't found a thing

Except an agent's tip-off

And number left to ring

They dialled the mystery Elvis

And waited as it rang

A person picked the phone up

The voice said: "kd lang..."