Pop: Lyric Sheets

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The Musician's Union have written to the Inland Revenue asking that rock musicians be allowed to draw their private pensions at 35 years of age, rather than at the current lowest limit of 50. Their argument is that pop stardom, is in some cases, a short-lived career.

Pop Stars' Pensions

Direct debit Elephants' Graveyard

The end of The Yellow Brick Road

Where the man from The Pru

Rings a man from the Who

To ask for his sorting code

The sensible matter of pensions

For the short-lived supremos of rock

Where you call Sun Life

Cos your second wife

Wants the giveaway radio clock

When it's time for a personal pension

And the game's moved on up the field

Should you quell your fears

Buying `added years'

To top up the main-scheme yield?

Should you take up a hobby like gardening

Bid adieu to the world of Mammon

When a gram of toot's

No substitute

For a nice bit of sockeye salmon?

If you want to move into `Dungiggin'

At the end of a brilliant career

You should have enough cash

For the Rotary bash

On a 9 per cent growth rate per year.

For the keenest of fans will stop coming

And the comedown's too awful to mention

Stadium to radium

Via London Palladium

Pity the star with no pension.