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In the month that Pete Townshend's biography, `Behind Blue Eyes', is published and Townshend, Entwistle and Daltrey premiere `Quadrophenia' in Hyde Park - a fan's tribute
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Peter Dennis Blanford Townshend's

Sulky face stared out at me

Winter, nineteen-sixty-seven


Fifty shillings in old money

Proceeds from a paper round

Track one/ side one, broken shards

Of backwards psychedelic sound

Clanging daily from my bedroom

Twice before I ran to school

Sudden realisation dawning

That the Beatles weren't as cool

Like Hank Marvin's madder brother

Bird-man of the Goldhawk Road

Broken nails and Rickenbacker

Driving amps to overload

Heroes fit for boys in trouble

Spawn a tough and stubborn breed

So I struggled with a guitar

Til I made my fingers bleed

Peter Dennis Blanford Townshend

Gawky in his moddy togs

Never heard my schoolboy tributes

Ringing in the breaktime bogs

Never saw the windmill thrashings

Or expert scissor-kicks

As the clumsy teen pretender

Dogged his Player's No 6