Pop Lyric sheets: For space-age bachelors everywhere, so long as they s tay in their space-age bachelor pads...


It's Mondo Space Age rising

So ditch that loud guitar

As clubs spring up in London

Playing chintzy MOR

Where Easy Listening gurus

Now find they can survive

By argung the case for

The Harry Stonheman Five

And Kaempfert Comes Alive.

Where Afro perms, Mancini

And Matt Monroe are in

And Camden kids will kill for

A working Theremin

Where Wout Steenhuis - on vinyl

Can cost you half your wad

And any fan of Brit Pop

Will find he's on his tod

For Bacharach is God.

They drop the name discreetly

Juan Garcia Esquivel

An Yma Sumac button

Adorning their lapel

Now James Last meets the Jetsons

And Alpert's worth a fling

Where Stylophone is sexy

But Vibraphone is king

And no one feels a thing.