Pop music: Riffs: The First And Last Records Bought By Goldie

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I liked it because it was a 45 and the sleeve was a tacky piss-take of the Sun newspaper heading, a media-type thing. You could actually fold it out and it had mock up stories inside. It was a hardcore tune. I listened to it over and over again, until someone stole it. I was 14. It reminds me of going to a youth club and having a little ruck and getting your head kicked in. I would like to listen to it now, in the cold light of day.



I have got it four times, but it keeps getting knackered because I love it to death. To top that though, I bought a Talking Heads album 20 times. There are only two albums that I listen to all the time and Four Corners is one of them. I continuously listen to it. I take it everywhere in the world with me and have found it always helps.