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The First and Latest Records Bought by Placebo's Brian Molko
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Michael Jackson Thriller

I got Thriller from John Menzies for pounds 3.69! The song I best remember is "Beat It". The gang fight in the video was exactly the image I had in mind from the song. But the part I remember most is Vincent Price. I was a real horror movie fan and I remember his deep, gravel voice saying "The funk of 40,000 years...". In retrospect, I prefer Off the Wall, which is much better for dancing.

Add N to X Third Eye Foundation

I heard of this electronic band because they are popular with the weekly music papers. They are avant-garde electronic pioneers. It's far more extreme than much of punk music, which is why they interest me. The album's sleeve is fantastic. It shows a body on an operating table with wires coming out of its insides like an electric keyboard. It's hard to describe what they sound like - the sound of space in 1999, a rave in a sewer - something bizarre. You become quite involved in the music, and although it's a difficult album to listen to, they challenge themselves sonically.

Placebo's new single, `Every You Every Me', is out now (Hut)