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The First and Latest Albums Bought by Jon Anderson, Singer with Yes
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Rebel Rouser

Duane Eddie

IT'S A great great rock'n'roll, guitar-style boogie, with an amazing saxophone solo by a guy called Boots Randolph who made a lot of great records. "" was a number one around the world. Eddie was very famous in those days; one of the early great guitar players and this single was rock'n'roll to a whole lot of people. This was before The Shadows became famous. They made their fortune out of covering hits by guitar musicians from America, which was the way it was in those days. It wasn't until The Beatles that people like me, if you like working-class people, could write their own songs and even become famous. By the end of the Sixties, everyone was writing their own songs.

Vol 2: Tales from the Acoustic Planet: The Bluegrass Sessions

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

Fleck works as a solo artist as well. He is a great banjo player, with an innovative range from traditional and pure jazz to exploratory. This album kind of fuses bluegrass with world music. They are very famous in the US, and have been around for quite a while and toured all over the world - although they might not be known in Britain. They aren't pop, but it's still a very funky sound. It's easy to listen to and hip-sounding with great vocals.