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The first and latest records bought by alexander briley, gi from the village people
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Dionne Warwick

Here Where There Is Love

`I could always count on hearing something wonderful coming from the music room in high school. One day after choral rehearsal, my teacher put on an album as we filed out, headed for the next class. The voice on the recording stopped me. I asked who the artist was. Her name was , the song "Go With Love". Now late for my next class I asked my teacher if I could hear the rest at lunchtime. I came back and was hooked! Her voice was so soothing and it stayed with me throughout the day. Her background in gospel plus her decision tofurther study voice inspired me to consider music as a career.

Patti Austin

Street of Dreams

I recently purchased Patti's latest because she never disappoints me. She always manages to bring together a perfect mix of musicians for an enjoyable collection of work. Her choices for up-tempos, soothing ballads and wonderful arrangements of the classics (standards) create a really nice listening experience. I first heard Patti a number of years ago on a jazz station. It was a song from her Havana Candy album. She has recorded some gems with other artists, but the real treat is just hearing Patti, alone. She has a mellow sound that's so relaxing to the listener. This album has some special moments on it for me, which she does so well. Fellow artists say that she's great to work with. I'm really looking forward to hearing her live.'

`Village People: Greatest Hits' is out now on Wrasse Records