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The First and Last Records Bought By Kelly Jones of the stereophonics

First Record

AC/DC: "Flick of the Switch"

THEY INFLUENCED us in two ways: not only were they the band I grew up with, but they promoted themselves via touring rather than through the press. It's the same ethics we have taken up. This is quite...well, a very corny album, but I'll justify myself. I must have been 10 or 11, just before going to comprehensive, and I saw them on late-night television. So they were cool. Also, my older brothers would play AC/DC round the house, and I thought it was about time I started buying records and keeping up with the big guys. I used to play it in the morning before school, or going to the swimming-pool. It was an all right record, although the early stuff is a lot better. But I would praise it by saying this was their last decent record. I lost faith after that, but don't tell Angus [Stereophonics' guitarist]. All the boys in the band are fans of AC/DC. It's really good music to hear when you are out to get drunk.

What people don't realise about AC/DC is that they are not serious; they are quite sarcastic, as rock `n' roll bands go. Live, AC/DC are probably the best.

Last Record

The Tragically Hip: "Phantom Power"

THEY HAVE done six albums but have never really crossed over into the mainstream. And it's not because of the dodgy album titles. Some of it is quite inspiring, word-wise; almost poetry, to be honest. It has strange ideas and simple songs, good melodies, good song-writing. That is what has always interested me. Unlike their previous albums, which are instant, you have to listen to this one over and over. The first two albums told great stories and sound like the Rolling Stones. They are a good live band, as well. The dynamics within the band are good: artistic and enthusiastic - you only have to look at their website. At the Shepherd's Bush Empire we got to meet them and asked for elaboration on the lyrics. We always play their music on the tour bus. Our mission is to turn people on to them.

The Stereophonics are currently touring the UK