Pop: Riffs

the first and latest records bought by joey tempest, lead vocalist of europe
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Love Hurts


`It has been copied many times but this is the best version: it has a grittier vocal and sounds like he is really hurting. It's a great arrangement for a rock ballad, and the guitar work leads you into the melody and his suffering voice. The key is to follow instinct. Nazareth's rough attitude and edginess have influenced us. It dates only in terms of the pre-digital reverbs and echoes.

Basement Jaxx

Red Alert

I like the way they mix almost everything: there is jazz, dance and drum 'n' bass. They do it in a stylish and danceable way. I like the way they use the same effect used on Cher's voice on "Believe" - auto- tune. It originally came about because some people can't sing in tune, but it is now used for additional effects. '

`Final Countdown: Remix' (Epic) out now