Pop: Riffs, Kiki Dee

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The First and Last Records Bought By Kiki Dee

First Record: Stevie Wonder: Talking Book

In my teens I didn't have posters on a bedroom wall - I was busy out there with a record deal at 16. But I grew up on Motown music. Talking Book hit me the most and memories flood back when I dig it out. At this point his talent had come to fruition: he was at his peak, writing great songs, playing really innovative keyboards, and singing amazingly. The songs still stand up. These are timeless classics.

Last Record: Emmylou Harris: Spy Boy

I heard her last studio album Wrecking Ball, and picked up Spy Boy a couple of days ago. There is this lovely song called "Love Hurts" that has particularly nice lyrics and a middle-eight resolving into a minor chord. Emmylou has been around the same amount of time as me, though obviously her country music roots are completely different. I am interested to see someone my age, especially someone cutting-edge, who has kept her old fans and who is also being very creative and doing new things. This album is an inspiration.

Kiki Dee's `Where Rivers Meet' is out now on Tickety-Boo Records. She plays Riverside Studios, London W6, 15-17 November (0181-237 1111)