Pop Riffs: The First and Last Records Bought By Actor Richard O'Brien

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First Record: Mario Lanza "I'll Walk With God"

Lanza was a flash tenor who some people thought wasn't serious enough. I liked him because I was quite a good church-goer and sung in the choir. I am not a great opera buff. You sit for an hour and a half, and an hour and 15 minutes is filled with dialogue such as "I am coming through the door and picking up a plate". Anyway, when you are 11 you don't really question why you like something - your gut and your heart tell you, not your head or publicity.

Last Record: Toni Childs "Many Rivers"

Childs is absolutely, stunningly wonderful. They used one of her tracks on a film I worked on. Everyone was blase about her. I couldn't understand - here is such a voice and great arrangements being ignored and singers like Lianne Rimes are getting a reputation! When Childs sings the blues, she doesn't spoil it with histrionics.

Richard O'Brien's album `Absolute O'Brien' (Medical Records) will be released next month