Pop: Riffs: The First And Latest Records Bought By Shed Seven's Rick Witter

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Under the Moon of Love

These guys were quite hard to ignore, even though I can't have been more than 10. There were about eight members, all quite glam, wearing winkle- pickers and long coats in all sorts of pinks, greens and yellows. I was pushed into buying it by my dad, who probably wanted it more than me, because he would make these great cassette compilations for family car journeys. A lot of the time he would just tape the Top 40, and he still has copies of charts from the Seventies. has dated, but it seems to be inevitable that, if you are fashionable, you ride on a trend rather than music that sounds good. You have to wait until the genre swings into fashion again in 30 years time. Not soon after this record, I began to be pushed towards guitar music, and it was really because my brother was into electronic synthesiser music and I was at that impressionable age when anything different seems good. Saying that, though, our next single is quite disco - even the video is a fun, boy-band send-up.

The Rough Guide to Cuba

I was in a shop trying to buy a ring, and went away ringless but with a CD of the music that was playing, sold from behind the rug counter. It's a jolly record, mostly instrumental, but with an uplifting, Spanish- Cuban feel and a few different styles. There is a lot going on, and some very heavy percussion. The little amount of singing is usually "oohs" and "aahs" by ladies. Which is nice. It's mood music rather than something I really dig. It's good to buy different stuff, because when we make compilations to play before we come on stage, it makes people aware of our influences. The next album that I'm looking forward to getting is the latest Super Furry Animals, which apparently brings in all sorts - calypso, a bit of folk; they keep it interesting.

Shed Seven's UK tour begins 12 May, and they release `Disco Down' on 17 May