Pop: Sleeve Notes

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THIS WEEK tongues are wagging with break-up talk. In the past few days Massive Attack have been forced to release a statement to dispel rumours that they are calling it quits. The statement reads that comments made to Radio 1 were "intended to be flippant... made in response to the journalist's cliched and tired questioning about the so-called `depressing' nature of Mezzanine". Meanwhile Bjork is considering giving up the music business for good because of an obsessed fan. This follows an incident in September 1996, when she was sent a parcel bomb by fan Ricardo Lopez, which was intercepted by the police. Now Bjork has told a Swedish newspaper that she has been pursued by a stalker for the past four years. Bjork said: "Maybe I have to stop releasing my music. Before I was 26, my motto was to not let anyone hear it. Maybe I should return to that attitude."

DAVID BOWIE has written the music and part of the lyrics for a new song, "What's Really Happening", and is offering his fans the chance to write three verses and finish the song with him, in a song-writing contest. The song is downloadable from his web site with Bowie singing `la-las' in place of the missing lyrics. The finalists will be chosen, on-line, by the public and the final winner will be chosen by Bowie. To take part just go to www.davidbowie.com.