Pop: Sleeve Notes

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ARE RADIOHEAD'S lyrics opaque? Not according to LA-based actor Dean Testerman, who is using lyrics and liner notes from Radiohead's three albums to form the text for a fictitious play. The Untitled Radiohead Project utilises the unaltered words of Radiohead front man Thom Yorke - but not Radiohead's music - to highlight how music and technology affect people's emotional lives.

The play tells the story of Thom, a boy fond of driving alone through country lanes at night in the hope of being abducted by aliens. After receiving near-fatal injuries in an accident, Thom falls into a coma, and must decide whether or not to return to his body. "This is not a publicity stunt, nor a fanatical fan gesture," says Testerman. The idea for which came after he used lyrics to Radiohead song "Creep" as a monologue for an audition. "It's like when someone adapts Shakespeare. This is an homage to Thom's genius." The play may come to Radiohead's hometown of Oxford and also Edinburgh.