power some achieve it, some don't

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Margaret Thatcher( above) leaving Buckingham Palace after tendering her resignation as Prime Minister to the Queen, 28 November, 1990.Photograph by Steve Morgan: 'She's smiling, but it was a very forced smile. She was crying when she left Downing Street later.' Thatcher in more triumphant mood (right), the day after Chancellor Nigel Lawson resigned: Blackfriars,London, 27 October 1989. Photograph by Peter MacDiarmid: 'It was a typical Thatcher performance, bouncing back, but otherwise it was just a dull day - an office opening at Blackfriars Foundry. As was often the case, though, she used it as a platform to speak. There was a ridiculous media scrum, but I got this picture by shooting right up her nose using a wide-angle lens'

Neil and Glennys Kinnock, Islwyn, Wales, 1987 (top). Photograph by Herbie Knott: 'It was election day. Neil was having a quiet lunch-time drink in his constituency, when a BBC television crew fell off a table causing a loud disturbance, which is what Glennys is reacting to.'

Victoria Station, 3 November 1992 (above), Kenneth Clarke, Douglas Hurd and John Major waiting to welcome the Sultan of Brunei. Photograph by Brian Harris: 'I was amused to see the Prime Minister and his two senior cabinet colleagues nervously twiddling their fingers behind their backs. All of them'

Islwyn, Wales, February 1995 (right), Tory candidate Robert Buckland canvassing in Neil Kinnock's old constituency. Photograph by David Rose: 'A staunch Labour area, bit of a lost cause really'

Mikhail Gorbachev, Paris, November 1990 (above), after the summit for the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe which officially declared the end of the Cold War. Photograph by Peter MacDiarmid: 'This was not an official photo call. I was just standing outside and got Gorbachev surrounded by his own security and other foreign leaders waiting for their limos. It was the weekend the first vote on Thatcher's leadership took place.'

President Francois Mitterand(left), just outside Toulouse in south-west France during the French presidential elections , 1988. Photograph by Brian Harris: '"Tonton" speaks brilliantly, but he takes his time to wind up. I let him talk for one-and-a-quarter hours before taking my pictures. I hope I captured some of his pure passion and feeling'