Preview: First Call. Last Call

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The 1970s gave Britain the Three-Day Week, flared trousers and Chicory Tip, but not everything about the era was bad. A year before Margaret Thatcher came to power, Plenty, David Hare's study of idealism seen through the eyes of a woman, arrived at the National. This powerfully affecting portrait of hope and betrayal has rarely been revived since, possibly because no one could imagine doing it better. Chances of revivals were further scuppered by the impossibly flat film with Meryl Streep. All the more reason to book for Jonathan Kent's forthcoming Almeida production starring Cate Blanchett (above).

Albery, London WC2 (0171-369 1740) 15 Apr to 10 Jul

Following the huge success of her latest album, Globe Sessions, Sheryl Crow (above) celebrates with a one-off concert at Wembley Arena next month. Her first full gig in London since the sell-out concert in December 1997 is sure to follow suit, if her six Grammy nominations are anything to go by. The singer's plan for a special London gig is also linked to the release of her new single, "Anything But Down", which is featured on the current album, on 15 Feb.

Wembley Arena, London (0181-795 9518) 18 Feb