Preview: Fleadh 97

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Despite the sad absence of Bob Dylan, The Fleadh Festival (pronounced 'flah' to rhyme with bar) will go ahead this Saturday in Finsbury Park, North London, with Van Morrison moved to the headline spot. Everyone will shout for 'Brown-eyed Girl' and 'Baby Please Don't Go' but he'll probably play something off his last few albums instead. In temperament, The Man is renown for being surly and grumpy towards audiences, like Victor Mildew backed with fiddle players, however he has a knack for being able to put in a stunning performance. In contrast, the jolly figure of Ian Broudie and his Lightning Seeds' brand of sugar-coated pop will help us forgive him for being a co-conspirator behind the 'Three Lions' single and the phrase 'football's coming home'. Other acts include: The Divine Comedy led by Neil Hannon, Dreadzone's mix of ambient and dub, Suzanne Vega, friend of lonely bedsitters and Brian Kennedy's cheery blend of happily orchestrated songs. The hidden delight will be Superstar whose eponymous single is one of the great undiscovered hits this year.

Tickets, pounds 30.00. HMV outlets. 0541 500044 info, c.c. bookings.