Preview Theatre: The Mysteries

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In the Fifties, Agatha Christie majored in mystery with The Mousetrap. In the Seventies Toyah Willcox sang "It's a Mythtery" and in the Eighties, Bill Bryden directed the trilogy of The Mysteries at the National. Now, just as the Nineties disappear, they're back, telling the Greatest Story Ever Told from creation to the Last Judgement. The cast includes hawkish David Bradley as God and Sue Johnston as Mary Mother, but the real star is the enthralling, earthy production now revisited by the original team. The last time the National revived one of its greatest hits - Guys and Dolls - the result exceeded expectations. Looks like lightning might strike twice.

In rep, Cottesloe, Royal National Theatre, London SE1 (0171-452 3000)