Private Lives: Do you want to be a DJ when you grow up? No, I want to swim with my fish

Finding out what DJs think isn't difficult, but Lulu Le Vay had a harder task - to discover what their kids think of tech-house, hard- house and garage
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Hannah, aged four

The eldest daughter of Terry Francis, (pictured right) resident DJ at the south London tech-house knees-up Wiggle. She loves her Daddy, fish, sweeties and her invisible friend who keeps pushing her over. And the toy DJ booth in her bedroom that lights up when she plays makes her the coolest four-year-old we've ever met.

Do you prefer dancing to the music your Daddy plays, or to the Spice Girls?

Daddy's. The Spice Girls are rubbish, I don't like their singing. Put them in the bin!

Would you like to be a DJ when you grow up?

I want to swim with my fish.

What does Daddy do when he goes to work at Wiggle?

He goes to the club to see everyone.

And what does he do when he gets there?

He gets there and works. He does some records, people dance, and then he comes home.

What do you do when Daddy gets home in the mornings after working?

I cuddle you, don't I Daddy?

Is he ever grumpy because he's tired?

Yeah, but I cuddle you and shout in your ear, don't I Daddy?

Have you ever broken one of Daddy's records?

Terry: You scratched one of my records once.

Hannah: I done it with a spade. You didn't mind though, did you Daddy?

Inez, aged four

The pretends-to-be-shy-but-isn't-really daughter of the deep house stalwart Kenny Hawkes, (pictured below, left) promoter and resident at the weekly central London bash Space at Bar Rumba. Her favourite hobbies include watching Disney videos, playing on her swing, putting on Mummy's make- up (badly), and jumping around Daddy's front room with a microphone, singing along to her favourite records.

What's your favourite record you like dancing to?

"Karma Chameleon" by Boy George.

Did you know that Boy George is a DJ?

Really? He's a DJ like Daddy?

Would you like to be a DJ like Daddy and Boy George when you grow up?

No. I can't, I'm a girl. I want to be a hairdresser when I grow up.

Has Daddy ever taken you into record shops with him? What was it like?

The music was very, very loud. And I went all shy.

Do you think people like Daddy's music when he DJs?

No, everybody laughs.

Asa, aged nine

The engaging daughter of Timmi Magic, (pictured below, middle) an underground garage DJ for Kiss FM and a member of Dreem Team. When she grows up she wants to travel the world and give all her money to poor people. If that doesn't work out she would like to become a hairdresser or an aerobics instructor - like her Mum.

Does your Dad talk to you about the music he plays?

Sometimes. But it can get a bit boring. I can't understand a word he's saying.

Do you like music?

Yeah, I like pop songs and garage.

What is it about garage that you like?

Because my Dad does it, and sometimes I like the songs.

Have you got a favourite track you like to dance to?

What's it called? Da Click "Good Rhymes"? Because I know it. I can only dance to songs I know.

What pop people do you like?

Billie; Steps. I used to like the Spice Girls, but I don't no more. Throw them out the window!

When your Dad plays records at home, does he annoy you? Is it too loud?

He doesn't do it too loud, but I hate it when he sings along; he sings like a girl. And when he dances, he dances like Michael Jackson - and old people.

What's the best thing about having a DJ dad?

He has lots of money and he's healthy, 'cos he makes lots of money.

And the worst thing?

When he comes home late and he's always busy.

Jack, aged 10

Hyperactive, street-wise offspring of the hard house diva Rachel Auburn, resident DJ at the Chunnel Club in Vauxhall, London. "You're not allowed to ask me any questions about my personal life, OK?" Jack insisted prior to the interview.

Does your Mum let you listen to her when she practises?

Yeah. She says: "Hey Jack, I've got to go to Scotland for big DJ business. C'mon, listen to this, does it sound OK?"

Do you give an honest opinion then?

Most of the time. I tell her if she's done a rubbish mix.

What music do you like, and why?

Classical, especially Beethoven. Because it's peaceful.

Do you have any favourite pop stars?

Hmmm, not really. Is Michael Jackson a pop star?

Would you like to be a DJ one day?

No way! It would mean staying up late. I've seen Mum go up to Scotland at 1am, come back at 6am, drop me off at school at 9am, then she goes back up to Scotland and does it all again.

What would you rather do, then?

Stay at home and play on my computer, of course.

If you were to make a sandwich for the music your Mum plays, how would you make it?

Well, I'd get it, put bread over it, smother it in mayonnaise so it would shut up, so I couldn't hear it - not saying it's bad or anything. I'd only take a bite when it's terrible, and when it's really good, I'd put it away so it wouldn't get damaged.

And for the classical music you like?

I'd make it with Nutella - because it's nice and smooth and relaxing.

Have you ever broken one of your Mum's records by accident?

Nearly, once. We were in an elevator, and there was pee all over the floor. You never know which way the record comes out of the sleeve, and one of the ones I was holding slipped out and fell in it. It still worked, though!

What's the best thing about having a DJ Mum?

I get to listen to all the new music before it goes in the shops.

And what's the worst thing?

Loud music. It gets to you sometimes. You're doing your homework and suddenly you hear Boom! Boom! Boom! coming out of her room. I have to start shouting "Shut up Mum!" Then she stops.

Chester, aged five

The already-big-for-his-age son of the ubiquitous techno queen Mrs Wood (pictured right ) who was still DJ-ing at London's Trade when she was eight months pregnant. A contender for the title of Youngest Clubber Ever, Chester now prefers going to school and hanging out with Grandad.

Have you got any favourite pop stars?

I don't really know yet. I like Mummy's friend Marc Almond. I like his singing. Is he a pop star?

Sort of. Do you like dancing?

Yeah, at dinner time I do, and at parties we have at home. I jump on Mummy's settee really high!

Has Mummy taken you out record shopping with her?

Yeah, it's a bit noisy, but I like running around. But I don't touch any records.

Would you like to be a DJ like Mummy when you grow up?

No, I want to drive a train. Being a DJ is hard. When you drive a train, all you have to do is press buttons and turn the engine on.

What's hard about being a DJ then?

Trying to keep quiet when someone else is doing it. I'm always talking.

Can you describe the music your Mum plays?

No - it's too good.

Do your friends at school know your Mum is a DJ?

Yeah. They know all around the world, so Grandad says.