Private View: Antony Donaldson Wed to 15 Oct The Mayor Gallery, London W1X

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Colourful, erotic and perfectly executed - a selection of Antony Donaldson's striking Pop paintings from the Sixties go on show at the Mayor Gallery in London this week.

The exhibition of paintings, watercolours and drawings from 1961 to 1967 includes Strip Board, a vibrantly coloured triptych pulling back from the first, almost abstract close-up to reveal the stripper in question.

Donaldson, who took his cue from girlie magazines, transformed the mass media images of strippers and pin-ups into detached, stylistic works where colour and pattern have the last word.

A spell in Los Angeles saw Donaldson temporarily turn away from his girl images, a theme he has returned to throughout his working life, to concentrate on the cinema architecture he came across in California, which was to lead him in turn to sculpture and, inevitably, "Girl Sculpture".

Donaldson, who is 60 years old this week, is currently working on a sculpture of Alfred Hitchcock for the Gainsborough Film Studios in London, where Hitchcock made the majority of his early films.

This is an artist who has successfully worked in a number of different mediums, and while today his chosen material is predominantly stone or metal, this flashback to his Sixties Pop classics is well worth a visit.

Antony Donaldson, The Mayor Gallery, 22A Cork Street, London W1 (0171- 734 3558) Wed to 15 Oct