AUTHOR AND MYSTIC Lives in a flat on the Isle of Wight with his family
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LOCATION: The coast of Devon because I love the sea and rolling green countryside. I would definitely check out the ley lines in the area. Around the earth is a giant spider's web of these energy lines. Where they cross, you get powerful energy points. A house built on a positive energy point can be a tremendous place to live, but the occupants of a house built on a negative one may experience trouble. ESSENTIAL LOCAL AMENITIES: Space and quiet. It is very difficult to find anywhere in this country these days where you can actually hear silence. There is always the sound of a plane or a distant car braking.

CHARACTER AND CONSTRUCTION: A stone farmhouse. I'd love to live on a farm where the animals die of old age and the land is treated with respect rather than as a factory floor. As someone once said, "Live as if you'll die tomorrow, but farm as if you'll live forever".

PERIOD AND HISTORICAL ASSOCIATIONS: The building would go back many centuries. I like living in old houses: they have an atmospheric character as well as a physical one, because people leave their thoughts behind them when they go. If you live in an old house you have access to a mood that has built up over generations.

BEDROOMS: Four. One for me and my wife Linda, and one each for my sons, Gareth (12) and Jaymie (21 months). Kerry, my 20-year-old daughter, has left home. I'd use the fourth bedroom as an office. I spend 12 hours a day writing and have written six booksin four years.

BATHROOMS: One will do.

RECEPTION ROOMS : A sitting room and dining room.

ESSENTIAL KITCHEN FEATURES: A cooker! I don't have a lot to do with the kitchen: Linda does all the cooking. We are vegan at home. I go on speaking tours of Britain and abroad, and trying to eat vegan on the road is impossible.

DECORATIVE STYLE : Uncluttered: I'd rather have one picture strategically placed than a wall-full. I have observed that people's mental approach to life is reflected in the kind of house they have. I try to think simply and my desire for simplicity is reflected in the house around me. My ideal home would be furnished with antiques, which I can't afford. When I worked for the BBC I'd go round antique shops and buy things. Now I just look.

LUXURIES: A state-of-the-art computer. At the moment I get by with a basic Amstrad with a printer that takes forever. A new computer would save days in the writing of a book.

SPECIAL OUTBUILDINGS: As well as buildings for the animals, a barn to house a magnificent train set. I have loved trains since I was a kid and Gareth has picked up the bug.

VIEW FROM THE WINDOW: The sea on one side, wonderful rolling hills on the other.

SIZE OF LAND: As many acres as possible.

LAND'S BEST FEATURES: Lots of trees.

NEIGHBOURS: I would like neighbours who lived by the word respect. Respect is the key to harmony. I'd like to see teepee dwellers and bank managers living in harmony through respect for each other's right to be different.

MOTTO OVER THE DOOR: Think freedom, live freedom and you will be free.

WHAT WOULD IT COST: According to Christopher Newman, director of Link-Up Properties Nationwide, a stone-built period farmhouse with four bedrooms on the coast of Devon would cost £250,000-£300,000, depending on acreage. To check out the ley lines in the area, David Icke could call on the services of someone like Bogdan Jochym of Emerald Innovations (01452 527677). Sometimes Jochym is consulted by those who are unable to sell their houses. He says that, after he has detected and harmonised negative energies, including geopathic stress, the properties sell.

! David Icke's latest book, `The Robots' Rebellion', is published by Gateway Books at £7.95.